August 31st 2012: Section 34 Subversion


August 31, 2012 August 31, 2012 August 31, 2012

The Prime Minister and the Attorney General, both Senior  Counsels, claim innocence in the People’s Partnership’s introduction of the Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act, and the early proclama­tion of parts of the Act, which in effect subverts years of prosecution work against two UNC financiers, Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson, allowing both men to file for dismissal of the charges against them.

The Attorney General shifts blame to the Minister of Justice, claiming that he (the AG) is not versed in Constitutional Law (in spite of having nominated and endorsed himself for Senior Counsel honours) and that Justice minister Volney is to blame for all the mistakes and misdeeds surround­ing the affair. He ignores the fact that he is Constitutionally responsible for ALL legislation introduced by government.

The Prime Minister seeks to defend the People’s Partnership from the fiasco, by claiming that both the Opposition and Independents voted in favour of the Act. She conveniently ignores the fact that her government sought early proclamation of Section 34, and that her Attorney General was fully aware of the implications of such a proclamation.

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Source: The Patriot’s Source

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