Caroni Central MP Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh was fired as Minister of the People and Social Development for a row with an airline hostess who alleged he had touched her breast, a claim he denied.

It was March that year that Ronelle Laid­low said Ramadharsingh grabbed her breast when he reached for her badge.

He told members of the media that he had gone on a family trip to Tobago and left early because he was ill. He also claimed his doctors informed him he was suffering from fatigue due to his rigid schedule. Ramadharsingh said he had concerns about his luggage which were a distance away from him but he said he was seated at a private area at the back of the plane due to his feeling unwell.

He attributed that for the confrontation with the air hostess.

He was fired within the same month.

Ramadharsingh is now chairman of the Siparia Regional Corporation.


Author: Dareece Polo


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